We help Art and Design Students to Stand out with a professional film. 
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  •  Help improve your final Grade 
  •  Show future employers / investors your final concept quickly and easily
  •  Professionally finished film to display at Shows and competitions
  •  Cost effective 
  •  Boost your portfolio and stand out amoungst other designers 
About us 
So We're twins, identical twins,  and we both woke up one day and had the same dream, a dream to film the crap out of everything we could and practice until we obtained awesome status.  Luckily for you, We've got the badge, done the time and filmed everything from Super Yacht's to Famous Musicians and even Budding design students. 

After seeing a gap in the market for Art and Design students needing film content to help explain their product's and concepts we thought... why not. Its fun, We get along with people our own age and we love being around creatives. 

So If you fall into the category of a cool dude or dudess who's worked their butt off to create a potentially life changing product and need it filmed, then we're your guys. Give us a call or send us an email so we can meet up for a coffee and get the fire started. 

Our Process 
 Idea Jam 
We start off by meeting you and getting the down low on your product. This gives us an idea of what the filming will entail and allows us to plan the process in advance to calculate time frame and necessary deliverables. 
Filming Sesh 
Once all the details have been ironed out and the concept has been agreed we will gather the gear and begin the fun part of the process! Filming normally takes a day on average for students. 
Post Production - The magic 
Once filming has been completed we will head back to our Editing suite and start the magic. Sam is our editing guru whilst I'm the animation wizard. Editing time will vary depending on the concept but on average we aim for 2-3 days max
Deliverables Dude 
We send the 1st edit over to you once completed and hopefully with minimal feedback we will tighten up any loose ends and provide the edit in a format of your choosing. 
See our Work 
Choose your package 
Starter package includes the following
  • A7s Mark ii / Cameraman 
  • x 2 Lenses
  • Tripod 
  • Sond Equipment / soundman 
  • X 1 Days filming
  • X 3 days editing 
  • 1-2 minute film 
Silver package includes the following
  • A7s Mark ii / Cameraman 
  • X 3 Lenses 
  • Ronin M Stablizer 
  • Tripod 
  • Sounds equipment / Soundman 
  • X 1 days filming 
  • X 3 days editing 
  • Minor animation 
  • 1-2 minute film 
Gold package includes the following 
  • A7s Mark ii / Cameraman 
  • x 3 Lenses  
  • Tripod 
  • Sound Equipment / Soundman 
  • X1  days filming 
  • X 4 days editing 
  • Animation 
  • 2-4 minute film 
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